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Advantages of Pipe Relining and How it Improves Pipe Flow Rates

Why drink through a paper straw when eventually the inside will become corroded and rough meaning you must use more energy to drink affecting the flow rate and the durability of the straw? Instead by replacing with a metal straw you will not only have a consistent flow rate but also a longer lifespan.


By considering pipe relining it will not only change the flow rate of your pipes but also improve the condition of the pipe. Pipe relining usually maintains or improves the repaired pipe’s flow rate and efficiency even though the new liner reduces the internal diameter of the pipe. This is because the new, smooth internal surface of the pipe creates less resistance against the flow. With the composite resin finish used in CIPP relining being very sleek and smooth which significantly improves a pipe’s ability to convey fluids through it quickly and easily.

The effect of pipe relining has on improving your pipe flow is that any joints, breaks or sudden changes in pipe diameter which may have been present in the old pipe system are seamlessly incorporated into one smooth line after relining, leaving less resistance or interruption to flow.

This, along with the cleaning out and removal of obstructions, deposits, pitting or other impediments means most relined pipes flow significantly more freely than before the repair.


  • Very strong (usually stronger than host pipe) with a long-life expectancy
  • Extensive warranties
  • Virtually no lifestyle or operational disruption
  • Virtually no environmental disturbance or damage
  • Very safe hence few WHS risks.
  • Assist with the prevention of blocked drains
  • Prevent lead and other contaminates leaching from the pipe into the water
  • Provide a structural repair – even to sections where there is no existing pipe

Overall, pipe relining will give you the peace of mind knowing that your pipes receive the most effective and reliable pipe repair solution as you will enhance water quality, prevent water loss and improves overall hydraulic capacity.


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