Local North Harbour Nuflow Experts Explain the Importance of Drain Inspections in Your Home 

We often overlook our plumbing systems until there is a problem. However, the importance of a regular drain inspection in your home should have the same amount of attention that your heating and air condition units have.

With a drain inspection, it will not only allow the plumbers to see what’s happening in your drains but will also provide you with the full discovery of the state of your pipes, including where current problems are located and where future pipe problems are likely to occur. Instead of waiting for serious structural and functional complications to happen so you can avoid the unexpected and costly repairs that can come with it.

It’s important to consider an experienced technician to perform a CCTV drain inspection as they will use the latest equipment and technology. This will involve a small drain camera with a bright LED light attached that is pushed through the bends and joints of your pipes capturing up close, high definition footage. This footage provides you with a full discovery of your pipe system showing exactly what’s happening in your drains that the naked eye may miss.


  • The exact location of cracks, breaks or blockages
  • The cause of any issues
  • The condition of subsurface interior and infrastructure wall surface of the pipe
  • Misaligned, displaced or collapsed pipes
  • Foreign objects (including lost items) and tree roots
  • The location of access points (manholes etc.) that will be needed in a trench-less repair

Overall, the importance of a CCTV drain inspection will give you peace of mind knowing that your pipes are healthy in your home.


If you are long overdue for drain inspection, then Nuflow North Harbour can provide a full discovery of your pipes by using the latest CCTV camera equipment Auckland wide.

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