Why Choosing Pipe Relining Will Save You Money and Benefit Your Home

People often neglect plumbing issues such as reoccurring blockages or damaged pipes till the last minute, leaving you with one hefty expensive quote. Ignoring this problem can often lead to creating more problems over time. This then potentially putting danger to your family’s health and you could be caught out and stuck with expensive repair bills by digging and destroying infrastructure to reach your damaged pipes.

So, noticing these issues early and looking at possible alternatives for drainage issues you should consider pipe relining solutions over traditional methods of plumbing repair as it will not only save you money but also provide many benefits for your home in the long run.

Due to technology evolving, creating the innovative pipe repair technology there is no need to replace pipes these days providing a permanent solution to assist your damaged pipes in a non-destructive and cost-effective way.


Firstly, pipe relining products are cheaper compared to traditional methods. Where pipe replacement will leave you with either removal or destruction of the old or damaged pipes resulting in higher labour costs and rehabilitation of surrounding environment. Time is also a huge cost factor as well as, rubbish removal and a length of warranty that usually is significantly lower.

Where choosing pipe relining for your old and damaged pipes will result in no demolition or excavation and significantly lower labour costs. Leaving minimal lifestyle disruption and protecting the local environment.

Our trained technicians at Nuflow Toowoomba are committed to having superior product quality by offering customers a prompt and tailored solution to assist your pipe issues. With customers being shown CCTV footage of their pipes and given a detailed explanation of the process of relining pipes. Nuflow Toowoomba ensures every step is taken to make our clients aware and comfortable with the process of the project our technicians complete for them. Giving you an accurate, fixed-price quote, which takes into account the following factors:

  • The extent and location of the damaged area of the pipe to be relined
  • The size (diameter and length) of pipe to be relined
  • Ease of access to the pipe to be relined
  • Ease of access to drains
  • Any special risk factors such as high pressure or temperature

By choosing pipe relining for your drain and sewer pipe systems it will give life again to aged, broken or corroded drains. It can help permanently fix pipes and make them even stronger than the original and is fully backed with a 50-year warranty.


  • Prevents root intrusion and stops leaks
  • Assists to prevent blocked drains
  • Increases water flow
  • Offers the structural strength of new pipes
  • Most pipe repairs can be completed in one day
  • Permanent solution that’s guaranteed to last
  • 50-year guarantee on standard residential relining
  • Repair pipes of almost any material (PVC, concrete, clay, copper, steel etc.)


Contact Nuflow Toowoomba reline plumbers if you live in the surrounding areas of Cambooya, Clifton, Crows Nest, Hampton, Highfields, Jondaryan, Kingsthorpe. Our fully licenced reline plumbers will provide you with a tailored solution to fixing your broken pipes from the inside, without the need to dig.

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