Why Choosing Pipe Relining Will Save You Money and Benefit Your Home

People often neglect plumbing issues such as reoccurring blockages or damaged pipes till the last minute, leaving you with one hefty expensive quote. Ignoring this problem can often lead to creating more problems over time. This then potentially putting danger to your family’s health and you could be caught out and stuck with expensive repair […]

Nuflow Toowoomba – Blueline Pipe Relining (CASE STUDY)

Nuflow Toowoomba was presented with Nuflow Blueline Job of the Year 2019 at the annual franchisee awards in Queenstown NZ. Using our Blueline solution, Nuflow Toowoomba repaired a drainpipe under a main road that had a break on the bottom of the pipe. THE PROBLEM Under the main road in Toowoomba, the drain was damaged […]