Ipswich Plumbers’ Best Tips for a Blocked Drain

The Ipswich plumbers have seen it all and with our extensive experience with dealing with blocked drains, we thought we share some of our best home tips that can be a quick fix to unclogging drains and blockages in your homes.

If your pipes are continuing to become clogged or blocked it may be time to get your local professional Ipswich plumber in to help clear your draining issues.


  2. A quick, easy and cheap way of clearing minor blockages in your drain. By pouring boiling water down the drain it should loosen and dissolve the blockage which is most effective on grease or food build-up without having to resort to more drastic measures. If you find that the blockage is still not budging, adding about half a cup of salt into the drain to let sit for a few minutes before adding the boiling water.

  4. When combining these two substances together it will form a chemical reaction to create a fizzy foam that should dissolve the clog in your drain. To unblock your drain, pour a small cup of baking soda down the drain then following with a small cup of vinegar and then cover immediately with a plug or rag. Wait 10 minutes, then slowly pour boiling water to wash away any residue down the drain.

  6. The simplest method most homeowners use to unblock a drain. Using a rubber plunger can help unbreak clogs to get your drain moving. To use a plunger properly make sure that it seals the opening completely and push up and down on the plunger slowly a few times This will force air into the pipe and then use suction to bring it back up. When you hear the suction clear the clog, then pull it up quickly and remove the plunger and flush the drain well with warm water.


Another great solution that can be used to unblock your drain. When using hydrogen peroxide ensure that you wear rubber gloves. Then by mixing up a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a tablespoon of baking soda pour down the drain to let it rise. Then pour boiling water down the drain which should help unblock and clear your drain.


If by using these tips and your drain is still blocked, you will need to call your local Ipswich plumber if you live in the surrounding areas of Redbank, Goodna, Springfield Lakes, Ripley, Willowbank, Amberley, Rosewood, Somerset, Kilcoy, Blackbutt. We are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to identify the exact location of the blockage to then clear your drains quickly and thoroughly.


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