Time to Reline that Sewer Pipe?!

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A brief history of the Ipswich sewer system – and why it’s good to know we can reline sewer pipe quickly and with a minimum of fuss!

Ipswich Plumbers’ Best Tips for a Blocked Drain


The team at Nuflow Ipswich have seen it all, and with our extensive experience (we’re talking much more than just a blocked drain or two!), we thought we would share some of our best home tips for those looking for a quick fix to unclog a blocked drain. We also recommend checking out our other […]

How to Prevent Blocked Drains in Your Home

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At Nuflow Ipswich we specialise in clearing blocked drains without digging up your house and yard using a technique called trenchless pipe relining – which is a relief if you should find yourself in this situation. However we also know that as a homeowner, it’s a much better idea to known how to prevent blocked […]

When to Consider Pipe Relining in Ipswich


If your home or commercial building is having issues with a blocked, cracked or damaged drain, it can cause significant damage to your property – and be a potential health hazard. While there are some simple home remedies to unblock drains, if these aren’t helping it may be time to consider pipe relining. It may […]

What is Trenchless Pipe Relining?

Hume pipe laying for water transportation.Under ground water pipe.Concrete piping.Pipe and man hole.

Blocked pipes, clogged drains, broken or damaged sewer lines … not what any home or business owner wants to hear if they’ve been having plumbing problems! In the past, it was bad news all round: the inconvenience of having your plumbing offline, having major excavations, not to mention major repairs and major expense. Today however […]