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Nuflow delivers a first-class commercial pipe repair service. We maintain and repair pipe systems for diverse business environments and property management. Our efficient and affordable solutions employ cutting edge products to ensure drainage, trade waste, water pipes and other specialty pipes continue to flow


Our products and application technology enable businesses and properties to continue to function with minimum disruption during installation.

We work around your business hours.

Prompt and reliable service

We arrive on time and keep you informed of time schedule.

Most repairs can be completed within a day.

Quality and accreditation

All our technicians are licensed and insured. They undertake continual product and workplace safety training.

Our Blueline product is Watermark WMTS-518:2016 approved and Redline is Watermark WMTS-0511:2014 approved.


Asset Life Cycle Assessments

We will conduct an audit on your pipe systems, which include CCTV footage, mapping, a full report and recommendations

Proactive Maintenance Programs

Annual, bi-annual or quarterly high-pressure cleaning of pipes and conducting any interim repair solution

Reactive Repairs

Includes CCTV inspections or pressure tests, clearing blockages and cleaning of pipes, water jetting, pipe relining installation and repair

Why choose

Bringing solutions to your pipe problems with exceptional service is at the heart of Nuflow. Our network of technicians is supported by an in-house Research and Development team including a chemical and Polymer engineer, to ensure we offer the latest equipment and product for your specific requirements.

No digging, excavation machinery or destruction to property. Minimum disruption and cost to property and business operations

Honest and transparent quotes which are easy to understand

Large international network with a wide array of experience in pipe maintenance and repair

Committed to establishing and building long term relationships

Provide and keep on record, detailed reports, footage and information of jobs, to reference in the future

50-year written warranty on Nuflow’s innovative products

Ensure efficient, prompt and reliable service

Nuflow’s products are quality assured and compliant with international standards. Ability to supply reports and technical information

Able to custom design composite materials and linings, to ensure a solution for specialty pipe projects

Commercial pipe repair case studies

Keeping pipes flowing

For over 20 years, Nuflow has provided commercial pipe repairs to Body Corporates, Real Estate Agents, bars and restaurants, schools, airports, hotels and resorts, shopping complexes, stadiums, aged care facilities, industrial factories, other large commercial complexes

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