Don’t spend days digging and replacing pipes, potentially losing further jobs and profit.

Partner with Nuflow and we will provide a hassle-free pipe re-lining solution that will complement your plumbing business.


We work to create trusted relationships with plumbers who refer specialised pipe repair projects to us.

Cost effective.

Save time and money by bringing in Nuflow for specialised pipe repair work. By partnering with Nuflow you eliminate having to hire expensive excavation gear, rubbish removal and you will not have to push back jobs and work.

Special pricing.

We provide special pricing to plumbers who refer specialist pipe repair work.

Retain privacy.

Nuflow has a strict policy we adhere to that ensures the plumber retains their customer.

We invoice the plumber.

We send the invoice to the plumber so they can include the pipe repair work as part of a project or solution.

Quality work.

We aim to deliver a high level of service and product quality at every job so plumbers can feel confident referring to Nuflow.

One off jobs.

If preferred, the plumber can refer pipe repair work directly to Nuflow and we will pay the plumber a referral fee.


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