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Redline is an economical and efficient alternative to traditional pipe re-plumbing. The Redline epoxy coating is used for the restoration of plumbing and mechanical systems. It is a non-invasive process that uses epoxy to completely coat the inside walls of the pipe system without destruction to interior or exterior surfaces of buildings, structures, hardscape and landscape


Nuflow Pipe Relining | Pipe Repair Specialists | Redline

Suited for pressurised pipe systems, including:

Hot and cold potable water, grey water systems, compressed air systems, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, conduit piping, chemical piping and water mains

Common types of pipe we can repair:

Copper, metal, iron and steel

Key Features


Complete internal coating for pipes with diameters ranging 12-300mm


Prevents and eliminates leaks, slab leaks, corrosion, mineral build-up, pin-hole leaks and low water pressure


Testing engineers estimate the life expectancy of the epoxy resin to be 100 years


AS/NZ 4020:2005 approval for potable pipes – certified safe for drinking water
BS6920-1:2014 approved. Suitable for use in contact with water intended for human consumption
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Ltd (WRAS) – material approved
Watermark WMTS-511:2014 approved


Will tolerate and negotiate multiple 45 and 90-degree bends


Withstands the psi rate of the host pipe


Protects from lead and other contaminates leaching from the pipe into the water. Prevents Legionella and other micro-organisms


Pipes are rehabilitated with minimal disruption. It is a non-invasive process, so no destruction to buildings, hardscape or landscape


The process takes a fraction of the time of traditional re-pipe methods

Preserves and extends pipe life, as well as improves water flow and pressure

Less contamination in water

Large savings over re-piping or replacing pipes

Property and landscaping remain undisrupted

Minimal disruption to daily life



Perform pressure and ‘flow’ tests to determine water pressure and flow rates. Plumbing system is mapped out

Clean pipes and prep. using pneumatic tools

Entire system is drained and dried using dehumidified compressed air. A safe abrading agent is then blown through the pipe system, removing rust, scale and corrosion and lightly etch surfaces to prepare for the epoxy coating process. Air is applied once again to remove any remaining abrasive

Apply blow-in epoxy coating

Optimal internal pipe surface temperature is created prior to epoxy coating. The conditioned air evenly distributes the epoxy coating throughout the pipe system


The result is a smooth permanent epoxy coating barrier for your pipes. Post-installation pressure and ‘flow’ tests are performed to check system functionality

Nuflow Pipe Relining | Pipe Repair Specialists | Relining process
Nuflow Pipe Relining | Pipe Repair Specialists | Redline
Nuflow Pipe Relining | Pipe Repair Specialists | Redline

Frequently Asked Questions

Redline epoxy pipe coating is a non-invasive process that uses epoxy to coat the inside walls of your existing pipes without destruction to your home or business. It provides a permanent barrier between your pipes and your water. This protective barrier eliminates corrosion and prevents future leaks. Additionally, it protects your water from contaminates that may leach from your pipes. Redline epoxy pipe coating is well recognized as a long-term solution to prevent corrosion and leaks, but is commonly used as a preventative tool to preserve the life of existing piping systems

Mandatory chemical additives to drinking water since the 1970s are causing pipe failure in piping systems in as little as 5 to 10 years of service. Chemical additives react in a hostile manner in metal pipes, and corrosion can also result from high oxygen or low pH in water. Higher water temperatures corrode piping more quickly while inferior plumbing techniques or poor piping design can cause erratic water flow patterns that accelerate spot corrosion and cause fractures and other problems. The corrosion and erosion of pipe walls result in pinhole leaks that, over time, will appear throughout the entire piping system. Undetected, slow leaks over time can cause catastrophic water damage and mould growth.

YES – Nuflow’s potable water epoxy meets or exceeds all industry standards for safety and performance. We manufacture our own epoxies and ensure the highest level of quality. Our epoxy has AS/NZ:4020 potable water approval. Extensive research and testing has confirmed that our epoxy is completely inert and has zero extractables.

YES – Metal pipes begin to deteriorate the moment they are put into service and water runs through them. Epoxy coated pipes cannot corrode and are resistant to deposits from water by-products, as these cannot adhere to the interior walls of epoxy-coated pipes.

The life expectancy of the epoxy is estimated to be 100 years and has withstood the test of time for more than 40 years in Japan, and over 30 years in the United States. Our epoxy coating process is a permanent solution and we offer a 50-year written warranty.

YES – The Nuflow process is the most cost-effective solution. Owners will save thousands of dollars by coating the existing piping system compared to the outdated process of replacing the entire plumbing system. Our process requires no demolition which eliminates all reconstruction cost.

Any metal-based pipe, sprinkler system, chiller and heating lines can be Redline epoxy coated. We can restore, copper, steel, iron, metal and lead. Redline epoxy coating not only restores the pipes, but leaves them in better than new condition.

YES – If the pipes handle your current water pressure, Redline epoxy pipe coating will be successful. A Nuflow specialist will perform a full on-site inspection to assess the condition of the piping system and advise you of the best method for restoring your pipes.

We do work directly for home owners, businesses, asset owners and insurance companies. Some of the markets we have served include, multi-tenant high rise & complex residences, hospitals, universities & schools, retirement & nursing facilities, hotels & resorts, commercial buildings, industrial, historical buildings, marine vessels and civil infrastructure. We pride ourselves on creating a solution to repair and restore pipes for jobs big, small, and out of the ordinary.

YES – Because the Nuflow process restores instead of replaces piping systems, adding to landfills is not necessary. All products used meet or exceed required environmental, sanitary and safety standards.

In the Nuflow process, pipes are turned into a closed-end air loop system where continual air flow gradually blows the epoxy from the entrance to exit point. This ensures that every surface of the interior pipe walls is protected with epoxy.


We test all our products and ensure they are compliant to international standards

Testing For Redline product includes:


Request a copy of our technical data to review the scope of results



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