ASOE Pipe-in Liner

Nuflow has partnered with ASOE Hose Manufacturing to deliver a new, innovative pipe relining process. Pipe-in Liner is a non-structural liner constructed from Fabric Reinforced Flexible Plastic Pipe (FRFPP). The installation method requires folding the Pipe-in Liner into a U-shape, before pulling it into the host pipe and expanding it. Once in place, it functions as a leakage-free liner within the host pipe.
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Common applications

Suitable water pressure pipes at normal temperatures:

Water mains, fire mains, and rising mains ranging from DN50-DN1400.

Potable water:

ASOE Pipe-in Liner is approved for potable pipes and drinking water systems.

Key features of ASEO Pipe-in Liner

Enhanced durability

With no structural connection between the liner and the host pipe, it increases durability by operating independently.

Optimal flexibility

The Pipe-in Liner can be easily pulled through 45 or 90-degree bends with a 5D radius.

Maintains shape

No matter how much or little internal or external pressure, the liner maintains its round shape within the host pipe.

Increased capabilities

The Pipe-in Liner requires a small working zone and has limited restrictions on pipe conditions.


Made from a high-tenacity fabric reinforcement layer, the hose liner is resistant to abrasion.

High burst pressure

Completed assets can withstand pressure between 3000 kPa - 12000 kPa.

50 years

The Pipe-in Liner possesses a long design life of 50 years within a range of circumstances.

Simpler installation

With no resin or curing needed, the installation process can be much more streamlined.

Highly certified

Compliant with several standards, including AS/NZS 4020:2018 and NSF 61.

Benefits of ASOE Pipe-in Liner pipe relining technology

Two men working on a pipe in a construction site

ASOE Pipe-in Liner repair process


Pipe inspection

Before we begin, we inspect the pipes with CCTV cameras and use the footage to assess the best approach.


Clean and clear

We clear out the host pipe using high-pressure water jetting tools.


Pipe-in Liner installation

After preparing the area, we fold the liner into a U-shape, bind it with tape, and pull it into the host pipe.


Finalising the repair

We conduct an air pressure test, install rendition pipes, and conduct a final CCTV inspection to ensure quality.


Tested to ensure ASOE is compliant with all international standards
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