Pipe relining stops leaks in heritage listed Commonwealth Bank building

A leak in any building is problematic, but when that building is heritage listed, the situation becomes even more complex. With strict guidelines about maintaining the look and feel of the building, traditional plumbing solutions that require walls to be removed can be out of the question.

When the facility manager at Perth’s Commonwealth Bank of Australia building noticed a downpipe leak, they were unsure how to go about finding plumbing solutions that would respect the strict regulations of the building’s heritage listing. An old cast iron downpipe that runs from the roof of the building was leaking through five floors onto the 3rd floor, and every time it rained, water was leaking through the broken pipe onto the floor and walls around it.

Respecting the heritage

As the Perth Commonwealth Bank of Australia Building is heritage listed, there are restrictions on the kinds of repairs that can be carried out. Nothing could be cut open or removed, which meant most plumbing services were not an option.

There were also restrictions in terms of accessibility. Access to the building was through undercroft car parks and up multiple levels, so any relevant equipment needed to be carried to the top floor for installation.

The building managers reached out to a number of plumbers, but were unable to find a solution that didn’t involve removing the broken pipe, until they reached out to Nuflow Perth Central. The restrictions meant that Nuflow’s pipe relining was the perfect plumbing solution, as pipes can be relined from the inside without any demolition, excavating or removal.

Investigating the problem for downpipe repairs

Before deciding on the best way to fix the leak, Nuflow Perth Central used advanced CCTV drain camera equipment to inspect the downpipe. This allowed the team to locate the source of the issue and decide on the best long-term solution.

From our investigation, we discovered the downpipe ran approximately 3.7m straight down from the roof access. It then took a 45-degree turn across the floor of level four for about 1.5m, and then another 45-degree turn down along the third-floor wall.

A circle solution in a square hole

While our pipe relining solution was the obvious solution to fix the broken pipe, another restriction came in the form of the shape of the downpipe: it was rectangular, while our Nuflow lining is circular.

To solve this problem, we relined from the top access point so that we could seal the four corners with additional resin and silicon that otherwise would still be exposed. This stopped any further water from running down the side of our installed reliner.

Cast iron drain pipe repair, the non-invasive way

For the downpipe repairs, we installed approximately 5.5m of pipe lining to cover from the roof access down through the two 45-degree bends, finishing just past the last bend. The job took our team of four a full day to install, with minimal impact for those working in the building.

Following the pipe relining, our team conducted a second CCTV drain inspection to ensure the new liner was installed correctly and would stand the test of time. After previously having trouble finding an appropriate plumber to fix the broken pipe, the building managers were very satisfied with how efficient and cost-effective our plumbing services were.

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