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At Nuflow St George, we know how much effort goes into a town’s infrastructure or a home garden. That’s why we provide a no-dig pipe repair solution to our local commercial, industrial and residential clients.

With our custom pipe relining method, we can fix your pipe problems without needing to dig up your pipes – which means we can get the job done faster and with less disruption. More than providing your average plumbing services, Nuflow’s licensed pipe relining specialists are experts in providing permanent pipe repair solutions you can count on.

We know that every project is different, so we combine our knowledge of the exclusive Nuflow pipe relining technology and our specialty equipment to provide a custom solution to each job.

Our fully stocked truck carries our range of specialty equipment to reline and repair your pipes. We offer CCTV drain inspection cameras, high-pressure water jets, pipe locators and relining gear.

Our professional team is here and ready to help you get your pipes sorted, so you can get on with business.

Solving plumbing problems for
our clients in St George

Why choose Nuflow St George?

We’re passionate about bringing you and your business or family the highest quality relining service. No project is too large, or too small. From unblocking residential pool pipes before storm season, to relining inlets to large reservoirs in the nation’s capital, we provide a reliable service that solves pipe problems for good.

As locals, we know how to deal with the plumbing problems that are unique to Sydney’s infrastructure and environmental conditions. We love that we can fix your pipes without digging up your garden, sporting field, or business establishment.

When you choose Nuflow, you’re choosing a national network of pipe relining experts. Our Australia-wide team are pioneering pipe relining technology across the country, and your local St George team are on the ground applying our research and skills to customers’ projects.

Nuflow St George works with local councils, commercial businesses and residents on a wide variety of pipe problems, delivering reliable, cost-effective, and longer lasting solutions you can count on.


  • Seals off leaks and prevents tree root intrusion
  • Removes rough edges that cause blocked drains
  • No digging or excavating required
  • Improves pipe effectiveness by increasing the fluid flow rate
  • Provides structural repair – even to sections where there is no existing pipe
  • Independent tests show a relined pipe is more structurally sound than a new pipe
  • A cost-effective and simpler alternative to pipe replacement

How does pipe relining work?

Nuflow St George uses exclusive pipe relining technology to repair your pipes with no digging and no fuss

Blocked drain repairs
St George

Are your blocked sewers causing ongoing problems?
When your drains become blocked, they can cause water damage, unpleasant smells, and potential health issues in your home or business.

At Nuflow St George, we know how to get the job done when it comes to drain cleaning, fixing blocked drains and stormwater systems. Our qualified team uses the latest equipment and technology to identify the location of the blockage, so we can resolve the issue quickly and thoroughly.

To unblock your pipes, we use a variety of processes and tools from our fully stocked Nuflow truck. Our equipment and methods are constantly being refined and tested for improvements by our national research and development team, so we can deliver best in class plumbing solutions.

Your Nuflow St George pipe relining specialists are ready to help. We’re committed to providing stress-free, tailored solutions to fix all types of blocked drains including:

  • Blocked toilets
  • Blocked shower drains
  • Blocked sinks
  • Blocked stormwater & sewer drains

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