Fixing fractured underground sewer lines without disturbing landscaping

Fixing fractured underground sewer lines without disturbing landscaping

When the Kings Cottage apartment complex at the Sunshine Coast found was experiencing recurring blockages in their sewer, they wanted a permanent solution to appease the many residents who were being affected. The body corporate looked into the problem with their regular maintenance plumber, but given the depth of the affected pipes and their location under a garden bed, the proposed solution of conventional excavation and repair would have been costly and time consuming – and would have caused extensive damage to the complex grounds.

The plumber knew our team at Nuflow Sunshine Coast was able to provide an alternative solution, and referred the body corporate to us to see if we could help.

Drain cameras get right to the source of the problem

Initially, the team visited Kings Cottage to undertake a drain inspection using professional CCTV drain cameras. This assessed the extent of the sewer line issues, without the need for any excavation, and the high-definition view meant pinpointing the affected areas and getting an accurate diagnosis of the issue.

The inspection of the sewer line revealed two fractured sections of PVC pipe work, which were causing the drain to continually choke up, resulting in issues for the whole unit complex. We proposed using Nuflow’s Blueline pipe relining solution to repair the pipes without needing to dig them up. Our comprehensive installation plan showed exactly the areas we would repair, and the body corporate was quick to give us the go-ahead to proceed.

Innovative solution meant half the repair time

With our pipe relining methodology, we were able to create a new pipe in the existing broken pipe – without excavating or damaging the grounds of the apartment complex. First up, we cleaned out the affected sewer pipe using high-pressure jetting, making sure all the debris was cleared away so the pipe relining would be able to seal tight against the host pipe. Then, we installed a pipe liner that we custom-made to the exact specifications of the original pipe. Once the Blueline resin had cured, the apartment complex was left with a new, strong pipe.

Reliable plumbing services that get the job done

The project took us one and a half days to complete, without any disruption to the tenants of the apartment complex.

This solution also meant there was no additional costly reinstatement to landscaping for Kings Cottage once the job was done. Since the repairs, the residents at Kings Cottage have been able to enjoy life free from sewer line plumbing issues.

Barbara from the Kings Cottage Body Corporate Committee said they were very pleased with the outcome, saying Nuflow Sunshine Coast are “a very professional company who do excellent work which is worth every dollar it costs. They are reliable and punctual, arriving at the time when the job was booked. Always reply immediately to emails and queries. Impeccably polite. As a body corporate, we would highly recommend.”

Image 1: Kings Cottages complex

Need an innovative solution for a broken sewer line or broken pipe at the Sunshine Coast?

Nuflow Sunshine Coast can help. Whether you have plumbing problems in your own home, or in a commercial property, our expert pipe relining team can get it sorted with no digging and minimal disruption. Chat with our friendly team today to find out how we can fix your broken sewer pipe or blocked drain for good.

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