What Does Trenchless Plumbing Mean?

Blocked pipes, clogged drains, broken or damaged sewer lines … not what any home or business owner wants to hear if they’ve been having plumbing problems!

In the past, it was bad news all round: the inconvenience of having your plumbing offline, having major excavations, not to mention major repairs and major expense. Today however technology has come to the rescue.


Trenchless plumbing is exactly what it says: we fix your plumbing problems WITHOUT the need to dig trenches or other major excavation works. Using the patented Nuflow technology, our team of experienced plumbers are able to fix blocked or damaged pipes or sewer lines from one small access point. That means you save time and money while your plumbing problem is fixed quickly and easily!

Trenchless plumbing is invaluable in situations where the damaged sewer line or pipe is under or near a retaining wall, driveway, swimming pool, or even the concrete slab of your home or commercial premises.


From one strategic access point, we insert our CCTV drain cameras to find the exact location and cause of your plumbing problem. If it is a blockage, it may be remedied with our high pressure jet rodders, or vaporoot sewer foam (perfect for tree roots, without harming the tree). If the drain or pipe is broken, corroded or damaged, we are able to insert a liner from an access point – which is then blown up like a balloon to create a permanent structure. Essentially, we are  creating a new pipe within the old one. By relining (also known as resleeving), we can fix you pipes or sewer lines to a better-than-new condition with minimal disruption. Even better, we offer a guarantee of up to 50 years!


If you live in Ipswich or surrounding areas (eg Redbank, Goodna, Springfield Lakes, Ripley, Willowbank, Amberley, Rosewood, Somerset, Kilcoy or Blackbutt), then our team of experienced plumbers at Nuflow Ipswich are specially trained to provide trenchless plumbing solutions to your home or business premises. Save yourself time, money and headaches – call us today on 3277 5742.


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